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As Independent Distributors of AdvoCare, we take pride in being a part of the AdvoCare team.  AdvoCare is dedicated to providing the best nutritional products, based on the latest scientific research, available on the market today. MaxLife Team is here and ready to help you to get back to your optimal health and achieve your personal goals, that you may have lost sight of or thought was no longer possible for you. Advocare has a large range of products, which means AdvoCare is for everyone.  From children up to those in their Golden years, there is a regimn that will maximize your wellness and fitness goals.  


Our team goal is not to just sell products to people, but to offer individualized customer care and help you choose the products that are right for you, and place you on the road to success in aching your individual needs.  Not every product is for every person.  We encourage you to bring any questions you have to your team advisor and if they don't have the answer to the question, they have resources to contact to get those answers for you.  After all, your journey is about YOU and YOU getting the results you have been looking for and needing, whether that is physical and health needs, and or a financial opportunity, which allows you to help others. 

***Check back to our site often as things will be updated and added.